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Vivian Girls Stickers  (Not for sale~)        7.20.2020

Too cute to use 💕 Each sticker is a story itself.
From today, you will receive a Vivian Girls sticker for any HP TEE pre-orders or new online orders! Take it home~ 


HPT x ReEdition TEE        7.10.2020

" You're not wearing a t-shirt. You're reading our stories. " 
This summer, 10 memorable tees are back for encore. Telling the stories you don't know. The inspirations that keep our heart beating. 


Blooming Flowers Portrait Service   6.26.2020

Such a wonderful day! Overjoyed to see all the beautiful faces after a long while. Thanks for every guest who came. Your laughers are our most precious rewards. 

Bloom, is a beautiful process of becoming. HP portrait photography service is back. You would have the opportunity to take professional portrait with our unique SUMMER 2020 floral patterns.  

New Trainers        6.18.2020

We have received lots of enquires about our next sports shoes. Patience~ They're arriving soon! 

( Edited on July 8,2020 ) 

We are certainly amazed by you girls' love! Thanks for the overwhelming pre-orders! Now, it's also available on online store. Can't wait to spot these futuristic sneakers on streets!


Joy & Hope Plant Set        6.15.2020
The little gifts we prepared for customers along with our Summer 2020 collection launch! Moss rose, verbena, clover, melissa, cherry tomato. Each of them carries a beautiful message. They are growing healthily on our side! How about yours? 


Summer 2020 Lookbook

Have you read our new lookbook at stores? Perfect ideas for daily mix & match. 



Now, you can buy our pieces in Japan. 初めまして。どうぞ、よろしくお愿いします。

Osaka - 阪急百貨店 阪急うめだ本店 北区角田町8-7 Osaka 530-8350