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The Complete Guide to the Vivian Girls

HEAVEN PLEASE released the first ever Vivian Girls Series back in our 2017 Collection. These girls each have a heart of gold and are most likely the bravest girls you’ve ever met. 

Henry Darger, a self-taught artist, began working on his magnum opus, an epic work of literature replete with drawings.



With the heavy use of collage, photo-reproduction and tracing , Darger created “The Realms of the Unreal” to compensate the regrets of his own childhood, hence the birth of the Vivian Girls, in the hopes to protect orphanaged children from harm.


Taken inspiration from the strong personalities of these girls, we transformed them into our very own Heroines.

Introduction to HEAVEN PLEASE's Vivian Girls


The first character we introduced among the collection was Vivian, the sister of Margaret. Has the purest heart of all and is spooky and playful. She fantasizes about the Royal Family, yet is the biggest fan of Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill". Often pictures herself as Uma Thurman, the double swords in her hands act as her armor and gave her the strength she needs to drive away HATERS. 


Image Courtesy of

"Kill Bill: Volume 1", 2003, by Quentin Tarantino, A Band Apart


The sister of Vivian, Margaret is daring and courageous, her side occupation is a bomb sculptor. She dreams of studying at Oxford University Law School and worships Lady Thatcher, was even once nicknamed "IRON BABY" in elementary school. However loving she may be as a sister, she still couldn't understand Vivian's obsession with the Royal Family. Margaret is also a fan of movies and dramas about the fight for justice, e.g. "HERO" and "Judge Dredd".


Lilian, who only joined the group in 2018, has always believed that she is related to the European royal family, however baseless the idea maybe. As a loyal fan of Marie Antoinette, she expressed her frustration towards the inaccuracy in the movie "Marie Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola. She has a bold personality, cares a lot about her looks but is also a neat freak and insists on spending three hours a day to fix her queen-esque hairdo. Owning over a hundred sets of European noble clothes in her home collection, she doesn't live a day without dressing like one. Last but not least, Lilian has a sweet tooth and has devoted her life to searching for the sweetest cakes in the world.


Image Courtesy of

"Marie Antoinette", 2006, by Sofia Coppola, Columbia Pictures

Image Courtesy of

Henry Darger, Untitled (Beautiful girls sitting around with giant cactus in center) (verso)

n.d. Gift of the artist's estate in honor of Klaus Biesenbach ©️ 2017 Henry Darger / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


A poet and model among the Vivian Girls, Kate is best known for her pink, 50’s-inspired hair style. She is an extreme rebel, a conspiracy theorist and REDDIT promoter. Apart from her love for Cyberpunk, Rock and Hip Hop, Patti Smith will always hold a special place in her heart. She already has plans to work as a Hacker after her modeling career is over, and is already gaining a lot of knowledge on computer mysteries.


Lilibeth first appeared in HEAVEN PLEASE’s 2019 “ELIZABETH WATCH THE STARS” Collection. She lives by the title ‘Future Space Queen’ among the group, and is a surrealist who loves technology, space exploration and venture capital, who also has unlimited visions of the future. However, she can only play Armstrong in her own room due to the opposition of her royal family members. She has always believed that LOVE is a concept that transcends space and matter, and is a devoted follower of the movie “Interstellar". Recently, she has been supporting STARLINK and SPACE X, which she believes would play a huge role on promoting her idea of LOVE to Mars and Venus. She is also heavily involved in genetic engineering and is researching on ways to reproduce more of herself to promote the definition of love to the world.


Image Courtesy of

"Interstellar", 2014, by Christopher Nolan, Paramount Pictures


Princess D

Princess D is a cheerful British girl, always seen with the brightest smile on her face. She admires Princess Diana's daring personality, and has dyed her hair pink in honor of that. She’s a skater girl and is deeply in love with the American culture, often fantasizing about dancing with John Travolta from “Saturday Night Fever”. Recently, she has been actively studying on ways to combine POP MUSIC with ballet to breathe fresh air into this tradition.


Image Courtesy of

“Saturday Night Fever”, 1977, by John Badham, Robert Stigwood Organization


Kate’s best friend, she’s the most loyal companion anyone could ask for. She’s a good listener and could always provide the best form of comfort, the rose in her mouth emits the scent of soothing calmness, which is said to be a secret to her serenity.

Image Courtesy of

Henry Darger, Untitled (Beautiful girls playing around in center)

n.d. Gift of the artist's estate in honor of Klaus Biesenbach ©️ 2017 Henry Darger / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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